Skincare in Monsoon

The external conditions play a major role on your skin health. These are pollutants, dirt and changing weather etc. You are born with a certain skin type, but over the course of time, weather changes can change its texture.

So, one needs to examine their current skincare regimen and adjust it to meet the skin’s ever-changing needs based on shifts in climate and sun levels.

The good news is that if you take some care, you will be able to enjoy the seasonal changes, along with healthy and glowing skin.

Here are few tips for skin care in monsoon:       

  • Use a face wash that feels fresh, and mild. Wash your face three to four times a day with cold water.
  • Toner is optional, but using it keeps your skin dirt free.
  • You may scrub your face once in a week. Excessive scrubbing can be avoided.
  • Do not use too many creams on your skin. Using a good sunscreen with SPF 25 will be sufficient.
  • You can use vitamins A, C, and E in the form of serums or gels. This is because they have actives in water or silicone base and do not add to the oiliness.
  • As the harsh heat of summer is no more a worry, you may start a de-tan regimen now. Use special treatment creams that lighten the skin like glycolic acid, kojic acid, and apply it at night so that the tan slowly comes off.
  • For this season you must look for the powder form of most things like a compact, deodorants, etc.
  • The shower is very important; just take a couple of showers during the day using any refreshing body wash. Use the sunscreen on your body following that.

Dietary tips for glowing skin:

  • Eat more green vegetables: Eating oily and junk products show their mark on the skin sooner than later, therefore the trick is to stay away from them and indulge in green vegetables.
  • Eat more fruits: The benefits of eating fruits and green leafy vegetables go hand in hand. As fruits are rich in antioxidants, help in maintaining the luster of your skin.
  • Concentrate on hydration: Water has plenty of advantages and it keeps the skin glow.

If you wish to discuss anything specific to the problems of your skin, you can consult a doctor at ekincare or a Dermatologist in person.

Happy Monsoon!

-Dr.Surampally Bhavani sagar


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