Child safety-Part II

Child safety is major health concern and is preventable with correct safety measures. We discussed various safety measures at home or while travelling with the baby in the previous article. In this article, we will deal with how to act and prevent mishaps in an emergency situation.

It is possible that the accident is pretty minor, but preparedness will prevent any major mishap. So, it is important to recognise the risk and severity of a particular situation and take steps in the right direction.

The most important role a parent can play in an emergency situation is to stay calm. Children of all ages can easily pick up on their parent’s fears and anxieties.

Following are the few common scenarios, where correct decision can revert a major mishaps-

  1. Bump on the head/fall/injury to head– In case of a minor fall or injury or bump, if the child is playful and active, simply observe the kid and notice for any changes in behaviour.

In case of any loss of consciousness, vomiting, ear and nose bleed, excessive sleep or any other change in behaviour please take him/her to nearby hospital immediately without delay as there could be a probable injury to the brain.

  1. Broken bone/injury– In case of minor injury to limbs without swelling or fractures, let the child rest and warm compress can be used to relieve the pain. In cases of fractures or injuries with lot of pain, try to make the child comfortable and make sure the affected area is not moved much. Take the kid to the nearest hospital immediately.
  2.  Choking– While playing with smaller objects or eating hard food, these things can land up in the throat causing choking which can make breathing and speech difficult.

In such situations

  • Keep talking with the child and if he is able to talk, his airway is clear.
  • If he/she is not able to speak do the  Heimlich maneuver:
  • Wrap your arms around your child’s waist, make a fist, and place the thumb side of your fist against his upper abdomen (just below his rib cage).


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