Adenoids are made of lymph tissue and are located in the space above the roof of the mouth and are not visible through your Child’s throat. They help in fighting infections. They may cause a problem if they increase in size due to inflammation leading to adenoiditis.


  • Breathing through mouth 
  • Noisy breathing 
  • Snoring 
  • Nasal speech 
  • Restless sleep 


Adenoids can be swollen for different reasons.  There can be enlarged adenoids at birth or the body is fighting an active infection leading to swelling of adenoids.


Have to consult an ENT specialist who will take a detailed medical history and examine the child’s throat and neck for any swellings.

Doctor may use 

  • A special mirror to visualize the back of the throat where adenoids are located 
  • An x-ray may be suggested to rule out the growth of adenoids 


It depends on the severity of the condition.


If symptoms are not too bad he or she may not need any treatment. Some nasal spray will be advised to reduce the swelling and along with the antibiotic course to control the infection.


In some cases, the doctor may decide to go with the removal of adenoids.

These are

  • Repeated infections of adenoids, causing ear infections and fluid buildup in ears 
  • In cases where antibiotics are not able to get rid of the infection 
  • If they block the airways leading to breathing problems.





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