5 tips for a healthy heart

5 tips for a healthy heartThe importance of a healthy heart can’t be overemphasized. A healthy heart can go a long way in keeping you fit and increasing longevity of life. According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths globally. Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke.The number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases is much higher than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined.

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Food that can help you fight hypertension

Food that can help you fight hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common lifestyle diseases globally. Given the fast paced life and impact of food habits, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, tobacco and alcohol consumption, chronic stress etc. which are not uncommon, people have become more susceptible to blood pressure problems.

According to a recent survey done by eKincare across IT companies in Hyderabad, India, 51% of the employees had high blood pressure, which is the leading cause for various cardiovascular diseases. A blood pressure over 140/90 is a risk for stroke, kidney disease and heart disease.

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How to keep fit while traveling?

How to keep fit while traveling

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be exhausting; more so, if you happen to be a frequent traveler who is often on the go due to professional commitments. In all this health often becomes a casualty. Even if you exercise regularly and follow a diet regimen to keep healthy, all this can go for a toss while traveling.

Here are some ways you can keep fit while traveling:

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5 Behavioural Modification Techniques In Obesity Management

Obesity Control

Obesity is one of the common lifestyle diseases, especially in the context of today’s life which is often sedentary. In addition to this, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical  exercise is making many people prone to obesity. Obesity can lead to several other health disorders including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension,etc. and make one more prone to the risk of a heart attack.

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Downside Of Surgical Management Of Obesity/ Bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery in Obesity
The latest technology in obesity management after all other modes of treatment have been unsuccessful is bariatric surgery. ‘Baros’ means ‘weight’, hence the term bariatric surgery. The procedure was developed by Dr Mason and Ito in 1960’s. Gastric bypass surgery came into being when substantial weight loss was noted in patients undergoing partial stomach elimination. The procedure has undergone several modifications over the decades.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetes

Dos and Don'ts in Diabetes

Diabetes management is a challenge considering the fact that there are no distinctive symptoms and we discover the condition at a much later time when it’s too late for complete cure. In most of the cases it is a progressive disease and usually worsens with time. However, you can follow certain healthy habits and manage diabetes in a more effective manner. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts you can follow if you have diabetes. This can go a long way in preventing diabetes from worsening.

Book a blood sugar test! Speak to a doctor on ekincare to understand about your health better.

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10 ways to prevent diabetes

10 ways to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases globally. It is a long-term medical condition that develops due to prolonged high levels of sugar in blood. It is typically manifested when body fails to produce insulin at all (type 1 diabetes) or when it doesn’t produce enough insulin for proper functioning (type 2 diabetes). Diabetes is often referred to as a silent killer, and if not kept under check, can cause several adverse health conditions.

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5 common myths about diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common disorders globally. While there is no cure to diabetes, you can keep it under check by following certain health tips and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes can cause several health complications and can worsen with time. Hence it is important to take preventive measures to avoid diabetes from worsening.

Here we debunk some of the common myths about diabetes:

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Take action now for a healthy heart – World Heart Day

According to WHO cardio vascular diseases are the number 1 reason for deaths globally. Did you know that majority of heart related risks can be lowered through early detection and behavioral changes. Taking action will improve your health and possibly save your life.

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