Making a case for data driven corporate wellness & health coach programs

Investment in employee wellness can reap huge dividends – not just for the company, but also for the individual employees. And which organization wouldn’t like their employees to be healthy, motivated and more productive!?

Traditionally, very few companies had employees’ health and wellbeing high on their priority list. Barring few organizations, organizations neither had intent, nor the knowhow about this. However, of late, several organizations realized the importance of healthier employees. Healthier workforce helps organizations increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase motivation. This in turn not only benefits the employee but has impact on overall organization’s performance.Read More »

High blood pressure

19% of users suffer from Hypertension, Know more.

A WHO study says that globally, cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately one third of the total deaths. Out of this, complications of hypertension is responsible for at least 45% of deaths.

India is placed at a higher risk due to lack of Hypertension awareness, treatment and control status, with only half of the urban and a quarter of the rural hypertensive individuals being aware of its presence.

-Ganesh Shankar, Data consultant @ eKincare

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Telangana Aarogyasri

#Aarogyasri @ #Telangana. #Warangal and #Hyderabad have highest percentage of Aarogyasri claims

We followed up on our analysis of the Aarogyasri scheme spends of Andhra Pradesh by running a similar analysis on the data for Telangana State.

We analyzed the Aarogyasri claims during the period July’14 till July’15 from public data available on, to understand how funds are being spent in Telangana.

– Ganesh Voona Analytics consultant @

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Andhra Pradesh Map - Arogyasri

#Aarogyasri@Andhra Pradesh | Money spent on Cardiac treatments – Rs.327 Crore

Aarogyasri is the flagship scheme of all health initiatives of the State Government with a mission to provide quality healthcare for the poor. Escalating health care costs leading to rural indebtedness has prompted the government to come up with this unique program where in the beneficiary can obtain services from government/private hospitals free of cost up to Rs. 2 lakhs in a year.

From public data available on , we analyzed the aarogyasri claims during the period July’14 till July’15, pulling the stats on how money is being spent on the program.Read More »