Healthy fats during breastfeeding

Healthy fats during breastfeeding

Infancy is the second most vital milestone for an individual in terms of nutrition, first being pregnancy. Since the infant relies on mother’s milk for all its nutrition for the first 6 months of life, it is essential to make it rich and nourishing for the baby to enable him/ her to achieve optimum growth and development. Right nutrition can have a positive impact on an infant’s health & growth.

One of the important nutrients for the developing infant is fats. Fats play an important role in protecting vital organs, nurturing the skin, building hormones and enhancing immunity amongst many others.

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Your family’s health is now C/o of you!

Have you ever been in a situation where handling the health of your loved ones has been cumbersome. Managing multiple medical reports, scheduling appointments and remembering the follow ups can be tiring.

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