Antibodies produced by cows could provide potential cure for HIV in humans

cows immune system

Cows have a very well evolved immune system that produces rare antibodies which have the potential to neutralize human immunodeficiency virus.

Scientists at the International Aids Vaccine Initiative and the Scripps Research Institute have discovered that although cows do not contract HIV infection, when injected with HIV proteins their immune system produce  the broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNA’s) which are required to fight against or neutralize the potent virus. The possible origin of these antibodies could be from the multi-chambered stomachs of the cows containing abundant range of bacteria that enables them to breakdown and digest grasses.

10-20% Humans also produce these antibodies but at a much later stage and up until then viruses mutate or develop resistance to them. The antibodies from cows will have to be modified for use as a vaccine in humans but atleast the potential has been realized. National Institute of Health defined this research as a truly remarkable stride in the quest for finding a cure for HIV. 


Devin Sok et al 2017. Rapid elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV by immunization in cows. Nature doi:10.1038/nature23301


Machine learning models to screen employees for relevant health checks

As part of employee benefits, organisations right now intuitively zero in on a single health check package which they think fits all their employees and offer this for free to all their employees. This approach of One package fits all’ not only fails to be relevant to most employees but also increases the corporate’s wellness budget. Continue reading “Machine learning models to screen employees for relevant health checks”

Heat maps for Employee Health Insights

An organisation spends approximately 1500 Rs/annum per employee for covering their medical check up costs. In top corporates, these costs contribute to 65-70% of their total annual employee benefits expense. But, the organisation’s prime concern to implement intervention programs is still unmet given their inability to identify health risks concerning their employees.
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eKincare featured in the Global Digital Health 100 Award List

eKincare has been featured in the Global Digital Health 100 Award List for 2015 by The Journal of mHealth. The list comprises of 100 companies globally which demonstrate true innovation and the opportunity to disrupt the delivery of healthcare at scale.

eKincare is the only Indian company to feature on this list for the year 2015. Continue reading “eKincare featured in the Global Digital Health 100 Award List”