Incompatibility of milk and banana

You have heard that fish and meat cannot be consumed with milk or even that curd and milk or sour fruits and milk should not be taken together. But did you ever think that the pairing of milk with banana is actually toxic and has disastrous effect on our digestive system ?

Ayurveda claims that banana and milk are viruddha aahar. Eating bananas with milk can

  • diminish agni (digestive fire) ,
  • produce toxins and
  • cause sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies.

The post digestive effect of banana and milk are very different despite both having a sweetish taste. Being a fruit, banana is considered as sour (i.e. it contains fruit acids)  while milk contains sugars (lactose, galactose). Taking them together causes much confusion for our system.

Inappropriate food combination can interfere with complete digestion of the food and also compromise absorption of nutrients from it. It may rather cause production of toxic wastes and imbalances.

When eaten alone, both banana and cow’s milk have their independent health benefits but its the combination that can be harmful, so avoid  mixing.