Multi(ple) grains instead of just one !

multigrain.pngWhat’s the big deal about multi-grain foods? As the name implies multi-grain contains multiple grains instead of just one, usually a mix of wheat, oats, jowar, soy, millets, buckwheat, flax, husk (pure fiber), etc. While consuming just one of these will provide the benefit of one particular grain, multi-grain combines the goodness of all into one! But wait…Before you grab that multi-grain bread Read More »

Preventing loss of vision among diabetics

Diabetic eye disease.pngThe number of diabetics in Hyderabad stands at 10 lakh. Among these, patients who have uncontrolled diabetes for a duration of more than 5 years are susceptible to the complications of high blood sugar. About 30% of diabetics may develop diabetic retinopathy, especially those who are suffering for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, diabetic retinopathy is detected at later stages when much damage has already occurred for the simple reason that there are very few apparent symptoms seen. In fact, sometimes vision problems lead to the diagnosis of diabetes.

A recent study has shown that, in Hyderabad city, about 70% of the facilities do not have the equipment required for diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy which can further add to the delay in timely and appropriate care.Read More »

Management of Postprandial hyperglycemia

In our previous blog on postprandial blood sugars we saw that high levels are associated with a myriad of complications. Largely, we know that the food intake corresponds with blood sugar response, but in some cases the dose of insulin or oral drug may be inappropriate. The approach to management of postprandial hyperglycemia (PPH) can focus on different aspects including diet, exercise and medication or insulin

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