Discover the benefits of Green Bananas over yellow ones

As they ripen, green bananas turn into yellow which are the ones usually eaten by all. Most of us are unaware that the green- unripe and starchy banana provides more health benefits than the yellow- ripe and sweeter one. The texture of green bananas is similar to that of root vegetables like potato or yam…

Manage blood sugars using fenugreek seeds

The higher fiber content of fenugreek slows the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates resulting in gradual release of blood sugars. This is especially beneficial in reducing the surge in blood sugar levels after meals

Benefits of the bitter Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek, commonly known as ‘methi’, has been used as traditional medicine in many parts of the world, especially in China, Egypt, India and Middle Eastern countries. Their bitter taste imparts a peculiar flavour

Multi(ple) grains instead of just one !

What’s the big deal about multi-grain foods? As the name implies multi-grain contains multiple grains instead of just one, usually a mix of wheat, oats, jowar, soy, millets, buckwheat, flax, husk (pure fiber), etc. While consuming just one of these will provide the benefit of one particular grain, multi-grain combines the goodness of all into…

Preventing loss of vision among diabetics

The number of diabetics in Hyderabad stands at 10 lakh. Among these, patients who have uncontrolled diabetes for a duration of more than 5 years are susceptible to the complications of high blood sugar. About 30% of diabetics may develop diabetic retinopathy, especially those who are suffering for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, diabetic retinopathy…

Management of Postprandial hyperglycemia

In our previous blog on postprandial blood sugars we saw that high levels are associated with a myriad of complications. Largely, we know that the food intake corresponds with blood sugar response, but in some cases the dose of insulin or oral drug may be inappropriate. The approach to management of postprandial hyperglycemia (PPH) can…

Summer tips for Diabetics

Extreme heat of summers has potential dangers for everyone, but if you are diabetic, then you need to be extra conscious. If you have this condition, experts say you need to take special steps to keep your blood sugar at proper levels.

World Health day – Beat Diabetes

This WORLD HEALTH DAY the WHO theme is “Beat Diabetes”. As per recent study India has the second largest number of people suffering from diabetes and may soon earn the ignominy of being the World’s capital. We at eKincare did some data crunching to study the awareness and the trends of diabetes within our users. 

Impact of uncontrolled diabetes

Diabetes is caused when the blood glucose (blood sugar) level is too high & it affects proper functioning of the body. The blood sugar levels is maintained by insulin which is hormone produced by pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is caused when body doesn’t produce any insulin at all, while type 2 diabetes is caused when…

Artificial Fructose – The sweet sugar with bitter consequences

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has found its way into most of our processed products on the shelf disguised under different names such as corn syrup, glucose syrup, fruit fructose, etc.  Evidence suggests that this commercially viable sugar source is one of the leading causes for the epidemic of obesity in the United States, especially…

5 myths about diabetes

Diabetes is considered as a silent killer since it can led to several other health complications. It is a progressive disease and usually worsens with time. However, with right diet and exercise, it can be kept in check to some extent. Here are some common myths associated with diabetes!

Healthy recipe – Dry fruit bar

Dry fruits are small but are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. Every diet specialist always recommends a handful of dry fruits in our diet in order to keep us healthy and fit. Dry fruits possess a lot of medicinal properties because of the ample amount of nutrients that are present in them. Right…