Taking care of yourself in old age

Taking care of yourself in old age

In our previous post we had a look at some steps that one can take to care for ageing bones.

Here we will share some tips on how can senior citizens can take care of themselves during old age, specifically take steps to prevent falling – a issue which often comes with advancing age.

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How can you care for ageing bones?

Osteoporosis - How can you care for ageing bones?

Did you know?

Post 50 years of age, 4 in 10 women experience a hip, vertebral or forearm fracture in their remaining lifetime, and are more likely to die from complications of fracture than from breast cancer!

Although osteoporosis is frequently considered to be a disease of elderly women, men account for 30% of hip fractures worldwide, and mortality after such fractures is greater in men than in women.

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