Bottle-feeding beyond 16 months poses serious health risks

If your baby is more than 16 months old and you are still using a nursing bottle for feeding milk and other beverages, then this should serve as a wake-up call! The same mother will then complain that my toddler does not eat solids well and is a fussy eater. Well, the fact of the matter is that if you haven’t still moved forward from baby bottles to cups then how will the baby understand that she/he has to graduate from liquids to solids?

Even if your pediatrician did allow you to resort to bottles for some very critical medical reason from 6 month onwards, at least do not continue the malpractice once your infant has turned into a toddler. The harmful effects of bottle feeding go beyond just tooth decay and ear infections, it increases risk of growing into obese adult with poor sense of appetite regulation. Continue reading “Bottle-feeding beyond 16 months poses serious health risks”