10 tips to stay healthy post floods

tips to stay healthy post floods

Incessant rains over past couple of weeks have caused severe flooding and consequent damage in the city of Chennai & several parts of Tamil Nadu & Southern India. Unfortunately, this has led to loss of several lives and impacted many others, an in many cases, in an irreversible manner.

While a lot of this damage cannot be undone, there are many issues that can arise due to floods, especially on health front.

Flooding leads to accumulation of contaminated water for prolonged period of time at several places. This can be a breeding ground for several disease-causing insects and micro-organisms, which can have a disastrous impact on health of people in the affected areas. Instances of diseases like dengue & malaria are not uncommon post floods. If not kept under check, this contaminated water can cause severe epidemics which can have even have fatal consequences.

Here are some steps you can take in the days following the flood in order to avoid falling victim to health hazards. Continue reading “10 tips to stay healthy post floods”