Chewing sugarless gum to prevent tooth decay

Sugarless chewing gum.pngIn India, chewing a gum is often reflective of a brash or ostentatious personality. Mostly, teenagers or youngsters seem to be fond of chewing gums of different flavours, colours, and shapes. Very few adults are seen chewing gums in India as opposed to Western countries. Children are often not allowed to chew gums as it poses a choking hazard and is regarded as a bad habit in school.

However, there are certain advantages to chewing a gum which some of us are not aware of. Individuals chewing gums are found to be have higher alertness level and improved performance at work.  But, besides just helping you to survive that post-lunch presentation without falling asleep, chewing a sugarless gum post meal can also help to reduce risk of tooth decay. Continue reading “Chewing sugarless gum to prevent tooth decay”