Impact of uncontrolled diabetes

Impact of unctontrolled diabetes

Diabetes is caused when the blood glucose (blood sugar) level is too high & it affects proper functioning of the body. The blood sugar levels is maintained by insulin which is hormone produced by pancreas.

Type 1 diabetes is caused when body doesn’t produce any insulin at all, while type 2 diabetes is caused when body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin to control your blood sugar.

Diabetes is a progressive diseases and usually worsens with age. The consequences of uncontrolled diabetes can be visible on the entire body & its organs –  heart, foot, skin, kidneys, eyes, sexual organs, nervous system and many more. Continue reading “Impact of uncontrolled diabetes”

How diabetes impacts your ageing body?

How diabetes impacts your ageing body?

Diabetes is a long-term medical condition that develops due to prolonged high levels of sugar in blood. It is typically manifested when:

– Body fails to produce insulin at all (leading to type 1 diabetes), or

– When it doesn’t produce enough insulin for proper functioning (leading to type 2 diabetes).

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

Diabetes is often labeled as a silent killer since it can cause several health complications in long run. It is a progressive disease and can often worsen with time. A huge chunk of population is, in fact, unaware that they have diabetes! Continue reading “How diabetes impacts your ageing body?”

How MSG is ruining your health?


how msg is ruining your healthMonosodium Glutamate (MSG) – Does this name ring a bell? 

MSG was in news recently due to the ban on Maggi – one of the most popular brands in India! Apparently, Maggi contained more than permissible levels of MSG & lead which led to it getting banned at several places in India. (It has subsequently been relaunched after it passed the requisite lab tests)

Several scientific studies on obesity use rat models before testing on humans. Rats or mice strains are not naturally obese, so the scientists have to create them. For this, they make use of MSG and inject it into them at birth to create these morbidly obese creatures called the “MSG-Treated Rats“. MSG triples the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas causing rats (and humans?) to become obese. Excess circulating insulin promotes fat storage in the body and also leads to insulin resistance. This insulin resistance is the leading cause for obesity and diabetes.  No wonder these problems are manifesting at such an early age. Children are exposed to more and more processed foods these days which contain MSG in turn pushing them towards obesity and diabetes. Continue reading “How MSG is ruining your health?”

Are you a diabetic who is just avoiding sugar?

“I don’t take sugar in my tea but I take 2 marie biscuits / 2 slices of whole wheat bread along with it.” – One of the common statements made by diabetics. 

Just because marie biscuit is supposed to be light or bread does not taste sweet, it does not imply that these foods are  OK. As a dietician, I would rather enjoy my tea with one teaspoon sugar and ditch the bread and biscuit.

Here are some of the harmful effects that these food without sugar may have. Continue reading “Are you a diabetic who is just avoiding sugar?”

Some naturally sweet food

Some naturally sweet food

In our earlier blog post – Why do we crave for sweets after meal? we discussed about reasons for our sweet craving. While giving in to the craving and consuming artificial sweetener laden food might not be a good idea, we can consume some naturally sweet food, which do not contain artificial sweeteners, but can also satisfy your sweet cravings.

Here are some naturally sweet yet nutritious food. Continue reading “Some naturally sweet food”

10 ways to prevent diabetes

10 ways to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases globally. It is a long-term medical condition that develops due to prolonged high levels of sugar in blood. It is typically manifested when body fails to produce insulin at all (type 1 diabetes) or when it doesn’t produce enough insulin for proper functioning (type 2 diabetes). Diabetes is often referred to as a silent killer, and if not kept under check, can cause several adverse health conditions.

Continue reading “10 ways to prevent diabetes”