Energy drinks before exercise – Is it really needed?

Energy drinks before exercise - Is it really needed?

Energy drinks are functional beverages containing caffeine, taurine, glucose, and other additives. They have become very popular throughout the world since 1997 when “Red Bull” was introduced in the market.

Companies are aggressively marketing the drinks through advertisements and sponsorship of sports events. The wide range of advertisements and campaigns of energy drinks have been successful in taking the annual consumption to approximately 5.8 billion liters (2013 estimate) in around 160 countries.

Energy drinks have been marketed with claims to give an ‘energy boost’ in the form of increased alertness, visual information processing, attention, and physical performance. Therefore, energy drinks are very attractive to young adults and athletes with the age range of almost 65% of the consumers between 13-35 years. Despite all of these claims, the effects of energy drinks on physical and cognitive performances remain controversial leaving a physiologist wondering if these drinks deliver what they claim. Continue reading “Energy drinks before exercise – Is it really needed?”