Super foods – Flax seeds

Consuming all kinds of seeds is now becoming a popular trend among health enthusiasts. Seeds have the potential to grow into a new plant so obviously they carry a powerhouse of nutrients and growth factors. Along with being so nutrient dense, they also have the ability to provide a feeling of fullness/ satiety. Continue reading “Super foods – Flax seeds”

The underrated nutrition powerhouse – Barley

healthy barley - the underrated nutrition powerhouse

Barley is the world’s fourth most important cereal crop, after wheat, maize (corn), and rice, and it has some excellent nutritional qualities. Barley is rich in fiber, is cholesterol free, is low in fats, is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phytoochemicals.

The variety to look for are hulled barley (in which the kernels are minimally processed to remove only the tough inedible outer hull) and hulless barley (a type of barley in which the tough inedible hull is loosely adhered to the kernel and requires minimal to no processing). Hulled barley may be purchased in several forms including kernels (berries), cut (grits) and ground (meal and flour). Both hulled and hulless barley products are in more limited supply, but may be found in some health food stores and in the natural sections of some supermarkets! Continue reading “The underrated nutrition powerhouse – Barley”