This Diwali- Stay fit, Stay Stylish

Diwali is here and you are getting ready for the fun- last minute shopping, cleaning and grooming. But just be cautious enough to not let the celebrations ruin all your efforts towards health and fitness. In fact, aim to dazzle everyone by looking fitter and making smart food choices this Diwali ! Because Diwali is more about feeling good about yourself and rekindling hopes for a brighter future.


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It’s time to stand up – for your Health

sedentary lifestyle

In our last blog we discussed about the different states of physical activity/ lifestyle and that our calorie intake needs to be equal to the level of physical activity. Today most of us city dwellers in white collar jobs fall into “Sedentary” lifestyle category. Infact not just adults but also kids are becoming more and more physically inactive thanks to the smartphones, ipads, TV’s, etc. These lifestyle changes have adverse effects on our health.Read More »

What causes heart diseases?

What causes heart diseases?

Heart is one of the most important organs of the body. It is basically a kind of pump which supplies blood to different parts of the body. This blood supplies oxygen and other nutrients that is needed for proper functioning of the body. At the same time, carbon dioxide and other wastes are removed through the body through the blood. Arteries supply fresh blood to the tissues while veins carry the waste blood. The heart contains electrical “pacemaker” cells, which cause it to contract — producing a heartbeat.

Even a momentary lapse in functioning of the heart can have far reaching consequences, which can often be fatal.Read More »

What causes diabetes?

India is said to be the diabetic capital of the world and South India leads in number of diabetes cases in India. This is a cause of concern as it can have several health implications.

What are the causes and symptoms of diabetes? Dr. Thrivikram, Clinical Cardiologist & Diabetologist explains this in this discussion with eKincare.