Begin your meal with something sweet

According to Ayurveda, one must start meals with something sweet, eat something sour and salty in the middle and end with bitter or astringent flavours. Following this order can help alleviate health issues and promote wellbeing. Sweetness is a quality that has a generally positive effect on the expression of appetite, and this can lead…

Dig ‘into the soup’ everyday

Soups can help meet your recommended daily servings of vegetables. These are truly wholesome low calorie beverages. Due to their high water content, they provide a sense of satiety or fullness. Soups contain vitamin, minerals and antioxidants in abundance making them extremely nutrient dense but

Be ‘U’nique this New Year

This New Year make your own style statement by feeling good about yourself. Eat, move and live in sync with your body constitution. That way you will never be outdated! Giving importance to self does not make you selfish, in fact

Short naps during the day can help unwind and rejuvenate

Do you feel extremely sleepy post-lunch? Are you often embarrassed about dozing away during meetings or presentations?  Well, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with needing a small nap once a day . In fact, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can improve alertness and enhance performance at work and home. But,…

Choose wise while eating outside

Usually eating out is synonymous to indulgence! We tend to select items on the menu that instantly appeal to our senses. The colour, smell and flavours of outside food often compel us to ditch our judgement about healthy and nutritious.  Even for those who have made the resolve to lose weight or eat healthy or…

Unplanned meals are often Unhealthy!?

You just came back from a hard day at work and you are super hungry . You may be too tired to cook and desperately look for something quick and easy to prepare and eat. Often we settle for some rice and dal or even simpler- the 2 minute noodles or worse- a takeaway meals….

The goodness of Beet root

  The common perception is that beetroot is rich in iron and hence increases hemoglobin especially in the iron deficient group. Some other profess that beets help to purify blood. What’s surprising is that, it actually does none of these. Yes, there is no concrete scientific evidence to show that the  deep red colour of…

Desi Tadka with Olive Oil

  When we hear of olive oil, we imagine it as the oil used for Western cooking which involves low temperatures and shorter cooking time. So far the common understanding was that olive oil is best suited for pastas and salads. We cannot imagine an aloo gobi cooked in olive oil;forget frying samosas in it!…

Food habits of healthy families

Healthy families are often happy families. If appropriate health measures are adopted by the family members from the beginning then they become a habit rather than a chore ! Next generation learns from the earlier one and the wellness tradition continues. Here are some food habits of healthy families

Lemon water benefits

When life gives you lemons make a lemonade!! Seriously, the benefits of lemons are well documented across different medical practices throughout the world be it mainstream medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine. Now that summer is at it’s peak and you constantly feel a need to quench your thrist, the humble nimbu paani is your best…

Goodness of Green Peas

Peas, more specifically the yellow or green cotyledon varieties known as dry, smooth or field peas, are the naturally dried seeds of Pisum sativum L. and are grown around the world for human and animal consumption. World production of peas in 2009 was more than ten million tonnes, the major producers being Canada, the Russian…

Making your chapatis healthier!

Most Indians cannot imagine a day without roti/ chapati, especially if you come from the North. The Indian flatbread made out of whole wheat flour has been a favoured staple because of its satiety value and unique taste. The flatbread assumes different forms & names across the globe: