Who is at greater risk of vitamin B12 deficiency

Although Vitamin B12 deficiency is becoming increasingly common across population, be it young or old, affluent or poor, women or men, there are some groups who are more susceptible.

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10 diet changes to overcome gastric problems

Diet changes to overcome gastric problems

Most Indians suffer from gastric problems due to faulty eating habits and lifestyle patterns. They tend to overeat and consider antacid as a quick solution to the uneasiness following a heavy fatty meal. Continue reading “10 diet changes to overcome gastric problems”

How to prevent Heart diseases


The best prevention against heart diseases is to understand the risk and the treatment options. Understanding how to reduce or control the modifiable risks goes a long way in prevention and control of heart diseases.

Dr. MSS Mukharjee, Founder & Director, Pulse Heart Center talks to eKincare about the prevention of heart diseases.

Should you consume alkaline water?

Water is one of the most vital nutrient required by the body and is indispensable.  In fact, our bodies are largely made of water and hence it assumes more importance.It is imperative that we are conscious about the purity and wholesomeness of the water we drink. But did you ever realize that the pH levels of water can be a concern?

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Tips to prevent constipation

Tips to prevent constipation

Constipation is something that can often be linked to a less-than-perfect digestive system. It is defined as fewer than 3 bowel movements per week. However, many people feel that if they do not have a bowel movement every day they are constipated.
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Significance of Target Heart Rate (THR)

Significance of Target Heart Rate (THR)

Significance of THR

If your heart rate is too high, you’re straining. So slow down. If it’s too low, and the intensity feels “light” or “moderate/brisk,” you may want to push yourself to exercise a little harder.

The target heart rate is extremely significant because  it is at this level that you actually reach the stage where body starts utilizing fat as a fuel. Reaching a certain limit of your target heart rate enables the body to start mobilizing the stored fats and use them as fuel to continue exercise. That is what we actually want to achieve from exercise, right? We wish to push off the flab (fatty tissues) Continue reading “Significance of Target Heart Rate (THR)”

Indulge in mushroom healthily

healthy recipe involving mushroom

Mushroom (also known as dhingri or kukurmuta) is a fruity body of a fungus and is often used as a food source (not all types of mushrooms are edible). There are several types of mushrooms which serve as a low-calorie food.  White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) is a strain of mushroom that constitutes 90% of mushrooms consumed in the U.S.

• The USDA reports that mushrooms contain high amounts of copper, which is needed to produce blood cells and maintain heart health.
• It also contains fair amounts of vitamins C, D and B; and the minerals selenium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.
• White button mushrooms improve immunity and may have anti-cancer effects.

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Is employee health the responsibility of employers?

Is employee health the responsibility of employers?

Having a healthier workforce augurs well not just for the employees but for the employers as well. Several organizations have realized the importance of employee wellness programs and are investing in them to create a healthier workforce.  However, at the same time, there are some executive who do question if employee health is the responsibility of the employer? At the face of it, an individual is responsible for his/ her health. After all, it is their life that is impacted.

Yet, the health of employees can have a long lasting impact on organization’s overall health and well-being.

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The reality behind gluten-free diet claims

The reality behind gluten-free diet claims

Two popular claims of a gluten-free diet are weight loss and increased energy. But in reality, there may be other reasons why individuals experience those benefits.

Let us look at some of these reasons.

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