Is consuming egg yolk good for health?

In our earlier blog post we had a look at how eggs are a good source of nutrition.

Egg yolk has divided opinions. There are some people who consider it as something to be consumed as a part of the nutrition-rich egg, while there are others who consider it as a source of unhealthy fats, and think that it needs to be avoided.

The saturated fat content of eggs is about about 3 g/100 g and cholesterol content (about 200–300 mg/100 g. Owing to these two characteristics, during the past 40 years, the public had been warned against frequent egg consumption due to the high cholesterol content in eggs and the potential association with CVD (Cardiovascular diseases). This was based on the assumption that high dietary cholesterol consumption is associated with high blood cholesterol levels and CVD. Afterwards, subsequent research suggests that, in contrast to SFA and TFA, dietary cholesterol in general and cholesterol in eggs in particular have limited effects on the blood cholesterol level and on CVD. Continue reading “Is consuming egg yolk good for health?”

Are health foods really healthy?

Are health foods really healthy

We fervently scan the supermarket shelves to splurge on the latest healthful and nutritious product but are caught off-guard by the complicated yet fascinating cliches leaving us more anxious and perplexed about having made a wise decision in the name of “Health Food”. But are these health food really healthy? Or are they just a faux pas?

Let us attempt to decipher some of these jargons to facilitate informed nutritious choices for the future. Continue reading “Are health foods really healthy?”