Heating honey can be very harmful

Raw honey is proclaimed to be like nectar but did you know that the cooked honey is rather poisonous? Commercially available honey at grocery stores is processed (read heated) to kill any harmful microorganisms , but in the bargain the natural beneficial compounds are lost and toxic alterations in its composition occur.
Heating honey is harmful for the following reasons:

  • Heating beyond 40°C or 104°F brings about a negative chemical change in the honey giving it a bitter taste which is not palatable
  • Heating honey causes it to turn into a glue-like substance that can adhere to mucous membranes in digestive system and hinder digestion process
  • Heated honey loses some enzymes and probiotics that are naturally present during their manufacture by the bees

Ama is the undigested food or toxic wastes accumulating in the digestive tract. Cooked honey produces these substances in the gut leading to serious health concerns.

Ayurveda experts have the following piece of advice:

“nothing is so troublesome as ama caused by the improper intake of honey.”  – Charaka, the ancient sage of Ayurveda

Raw honey should not be mixed with anything hot or spicy and should be avoided by people living in hot environments” –  Dr. Krishna, an Ayurvedic practitioner
Western cooking makes use of honey extensively for baking or grilling but we strongly advise against this practice. Use that honey with discretion so that it provides the intended benefit rather than cause harm.

With natural foods, they are best used in their natural form as intended by nature!