Prevalence of kidney diseases

Prevalence of kidney diseases

Did you know? 40–60% cases of chronic kidney diseases result from diabetes and hypertension [Rajapurkar et al 2012]. Usually, kidney disease is a seconday complication of long- standing hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes.

As per recent Indian Council of Medical Research data, prevalence of diabetes in Indian adult population has risen to 7.1%, (varying from 5.8% in Jharkhand to 13.5% in Chandigarh) and in urban population (over the age of 40 years) the prevalence is as high as 28%. [Raman et al 2014, Anjana et al 2011]

Likewise the reported prevalence of hypertension in the adult population today is nearly 17% (14.8% from rural and 21.4% from urban belt).

With rising prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in India, prevalence of Chronic Kidney diseases is expected to rise Continue reading “Prevalence of kidney diseases”