Mindful eaters can manage weight better

The act of eating can be meditative too! Mindful eating is derived from the Buddhist ideology of mindfulness which involves ‘being fully aware of what is happening within and around you at the moment’. We realize that basic necessities of humans is food, shelter and clothing : food features as the first basic need. But gradually, from being an essential act for survival , eating has just been rendered as a daily chore for some while others misuse it by making it an overly fancy affair.

Mindful eating entails eating slowly savoring each bite and being fully conscious about the colour, texture, smell and taste of the food.  It creates a nexus between the mind and the body which ensures that food actually nourishes your body the way it is supposed to. Limited but strong evidence exists to show that mindful eating can be a tool for weight management as the slower, more thoughtful way of eating increases inclination to choose healthy and stay away from the processed and unhealthy foods. Continue reading “Mindful eaters can manage weight better”