Breastfeeding can reduce risk of obesity in children


14.4 million children in India are obese (World Obesity Federation) and the cases of diabetes among children are also rising at alarming rate. Studies have shown that these numbers could reduce of babies are breastfed unto 2 years of age instead of being given formula. Exclusively breastfed babies are less likely to be overweight at age of 7 or 8 as compared to those offered formula and breast milk substitutes.  Continue reading “Breastfeeding can reduce risk of obesity in children”

Mother’s milk versus cow’s milk – Which provides better nutrition to the infant?

mothers milk versus cow milk
Breast milk can take care of all the nutritional and fluid requirements of the infant from birth to 6 months. It can satisfy half or more of a child’s energy needs between the ages of 6 and 12 months, and one-third of energy needs between 12 and 24 months. Breast milk is also a critical source of energy and nutrients during illness.

One often does a comparison between mother’s milk & cow milk. Here is a snapshot of what are the major differences between mother’s milk & cow’s milk Continue reading “Mother’s milk versus cow’s milk – Which provides better nutrition to the infant?”

3 foods and drinks to avoid while breastfeeding

foods and drinks to avoid while breastfeeding

The health of an infant is dependent to a large extent upon the nutrition it derives thru breastfeeding. Hence, the food a mother consumes has a great impact on the nutrition that the baby derives. While there are certain food that aids breastfeeding, there are certain foods and drinks deserve caution while you’re breast-feeding.

Here are some of the food a breastfeeding mother needs to avoid: Continue reading “3 foods and drinks to avoid while breastfeeding”

Ensuring right health for the infant – Tips for breastfeeding mothers

In our previous blog post we had a look at some food that can help to increase the supply of breast milk while feeding the child. Here, we’ll look at some tips on how they can increase the supply of breast milk & in turn have a positive impact on the infant’s health.

In addition to eating the right food, the mother must ensure following things.: Continue reading “Ensuring right health for the infant – Tips for breastfeeding mothers”

Must have food for nursing mothers

Must have food for nursing mothers

Maternal milk is the best known optimal and complete food for all babies. Breast-feeding is associated with better nutritional and non-nutritional outcomes compared with formula feeding even in case of preterm birth. Galactogogues are the substances that are known to promote lactation. Here are some foods that can help nursing mothers and in turn, baby’s health.
Foods known to help increase breastmilk Continue reading “Must have food for nursing mothers”

Thyroid disorder in pregnancy

thyroid problem during pregnancy

In earlier blog posts we had a look at some tips to stay healthy during pregnancy, nutrients you need to take during pregnancytoxic chemicals you should avoid during pregnancy pre-eclampsia, (high blood pressure during pregnancy). In this post we’ll look at thyroid disorder during pregnancy.

In this post we’ll discuss about another common issue – thyroid disorder during pregnancy. Here are some of the statistics that highlight the issue of thyroid disorder during pregnancy: Continue reading “Thyroid disorder in pregnancy”

Toxic chemicals in food that pregnant women should avoid

When babies are exposed to numerous toxic compounds in the womb, it can damage the body and affect development, brain function, and reproduction.These chemicals can also impair the immune system and increase vulnerability to carcinogens and can lead to other diseases later in life. Eliminating these harmful substances can give your baby the best chance at a happy, healthy life. Continue reading “Toxic chemicals in food that pregnant women should avoid”