5 benefits of soaking nuts

Nuts are nature’s best power-packed foods.  Not only do they provide immense energy but also a plethora of other beneficial nutrients thereby making each calorie more meaningful. However, many individuals who can afford a variety of nuts and oilseeds shy away from them thinking that they can lead to weight gain and also produce excessive heat in the body. Continue reading “5 benefits of soaking nuts”

5 reasons to munch on Pistachios as a snack

pistachios.pngThe green and purplish nuts wrapped under easily peelable shells make for great gifting items, especially in winters. They are present in most households and are widely used in desserts to impart that peculiar nutty flavour. Unfortunately, they are not as popular as cashews, almonds and walnuts.

We are proud to present some amazing health benefits of pistachios that will compel you to choose these over other nuts and incorporate them into your daily diets this winter.

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Does consuming nuts make one fat?

are nuts good for health

“Consuming nuts can make me fat” is a common notion. But is it really true?

Or is it just another myths in the long list of myths related to eating?

It is a well know fact that nuts are fat- and energy-dense foods. But, studies have shown that frequent nut consumption is associated with lower rates of coronary artery disease (CAD). Also, nut-rich diets improve the serum lipid profile of participants in dietary intervention trials. In fact , those who eat nuts on a regular basis have shown to have lower Body mass Index as compared to those who do not consume them at all.

Nuts and oilseeds like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, flaxseeds, peanuts and til (sesame seeds) are natural foods. They are loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber and healthy fats. Continue reading “Does consuming nuts make one fat?”

Healthy recipe – Dry fruit bar

Untitled design (4)Dry fruits are small but are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. Every diet specialist always recommends a handful of dry fruits in our diet in order to keep us healthy and fit. Dry fruits possess a lot of medicinal properties because of the ample amount of nutrients that are present in them. Right from skin benefits to medicinal benefits, dry fruits and nuts give you every reason to include them in your diet.

Here’s a fun recipe packed with goodness of variety of dry fruits. A quick and healthy snack that everyone will love! Continue reading “Healthy recipe – Dry fruit bar”