Optimum weight gain during pregnancy

weight gain during pregnancy.pngBeing pregnant does not give women a license to gain oodles of weight as is the case with most affluent Indian women. At the same time, the pregorexic (overly restricting energy intake and overexercising) mothers need to be cautioned regarding inadequate weight gain to prevent compromised nutrition to the baby throughout pregnancy as well as during the crucial period of lactation. One should know where to draw the line andRead More »

What makes oats a perfect breakfast cereal

steel-cut-and-rolled-oatsOat was actually discovered as a weed in barley and wheat crops in late prehistoric period. So what was being fed to horses and poultry came to be used extensively used by humans when we realized its profound health benefits attributable to its fiber quality and quantity. Its overall nutritional composition is very similar to that of barley. Barley can be considered as a desi equivalent of oats but  remains an underdog to less aggressive marketing and research by natives.

Nevertheless, the nutritive value of oats makes it a Read More »

Is there really a need to use low fat dairy?

full-fat-dairyAll current dietary recommendations suggest use of low fat dairy products. Low fat milk, skim milk, slim milk, reduced fat milk, low-fat cheese, lite butter , etc. This and much more to confuse the consumers and subject them to the added pain of selecting the low fat options which are costlier and less easily available. We cannot deny that total fat intake in diets is escalating and one needs to find ways to cut down consumption especially through processed meats and bakery products. But, dairy fat has not shown to increase risk of obesity, diabetes or heart disease and in fact may be more beneficial for all individuals.Read More »

Short naps during the day can help unwind and rejuvenate

napping-at-workDo you feel extremely sleepy post-lunch? Are you often embarrassed about dozing away during meetings or presentations? ¬†Well, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with needing a small nap once a day . In fact, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can improve alertness and enhance performance at work and home. But, one has to be careful about not overdoing sleep as that can be totally counterproductive.Read More »