Cariogenic versus cariostatic foods

Cavities formation and /or prevention depends largely upon the pH of the mouth. Certain foods can help to maintain the pH such that  growth of micro-organisms is not favored (near neural -pH 6.7-7.3) while some other foods may reduce the pH to a level that is favorable for growth of bacteria (pH 4.3 – 5). Continue reading “Cariogenic versus cariostatic foods”

How to handle common dental concerns that your kid might have?


In a our last blog we discussed basics of good dental hygiene for your child. Today, we will briefly touch upon some common dental concerns and emergencies that kids might have.  Continue reading “How to handle common dental concerns that your kid might have?”

Poor oral health linked to risk of chronic diseases

What causes tooth decay?

Strong scientific evidence links tooth decay and gum diseases to risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and complications of diabetes, respiratory infections, stroke, and adverse pregnancy outcomes

Good oral health can go a long way in enhancing one’s quality of life. Oral health primarily consists of health of teeth and other parts of mouth like gums, tongue etc. As one ages, usually oral health deteriorates and there can be issues like cavities and much more. Continue reading “Poor oral health linked to risk of chronic diseases”