Lack of vitamin C during pregnancy affects brain development

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to vitamin C intake, especially during the first trimester. Although the fetus draws required nutrients from the mother, insufficient intake of vitamin C by the mother herself can lead to deficiency in both.

Maintaining adequate hydration during pregnancy

Sufficient hydration is a must for everybody to prevent several minor as well as major illnesses. But, during pregnancy, increased fluid intake is needed to support fetal circulation, amniotic fluid, and a higher blood volume. Also as caloric requirement increases from the second trimester, additional fluids intake is recommended. Prevention of dehydration is vital to…

Flu shots during pregnancy

During pregnancy, several physiological changes occur in the immune system, heart and lungs making these women more prone to illness or infections. Contracting flu during pregnancy raises risk of complications such as premature labour and delivery, and  a flu vaccine can reduce that risk. Vaccinating the mother also protects the baby

Need to avoid nicotine exposure during pregnancy

Smoking or nicotine exposure during pregnancy increases health risks for the baby as well as the mother. Even second hand smoke is extremely dangerous for both and must be avoided as much as possible. American Lung Association states that smoking during pregnancy is the cause for: 20-30% Low Birth weight babies 14% preterm deliveries 10%…

Why pregnant women should be screened for Hepatitis B ?

Screening for Hepatitis B is usually done at the first prenatal visit for 95% women but these women are not identified and followed –up sufficiently. Once a pregnant woman tests positive for Hepatitis B, she should be carefully monitored and given timely intervention during delivery to prevent

Optimum weight gain during pregnancy

Being pregnant does not give women a license to gain oodles of weight as is the case with most affluent Indian women. At the same time, the pregorexic (overly restricting energy intake and overexercising) mothers need to be cautioned regarding inadequate weight gain to prevent compromised nutrition to the baby throughout pregnancy as well as…

Vital vitamin D during pregnancy

More than 8 in 10 pregnant women in India have low levels of Vitamin D putting them as well as the offspring at serious health risks. The high prevalence of this vitamin deficiency in pregnant women is a matter of public health concern. Experts recommend Vitamin D supplementation throughout pregnancy and lactation for mothers to

Acanthosis nigricans- Skin pigmentation that needs attention

Blackening or pigmentation of the skin especially around the neck, armpit, groin, etc is not taken very seriously considering it to be an effect of ageing, pregnancy, skin allergy , etc. But actually, this kind of pigmentation , called as acanthosis nigricans, is a sign of insulin resistance or impending risk of type 2 diabetes….


When a newborn arrives, everybody’s focus is on the baby showering them with blessings and affection. How often have a you asked the newborn mother as to how does she feel ? Although we know that it is hard for that tiny newborn to adjust with the world around, it is equally or even more…

DHA & EPA – Omega 3 fatty acids as the panacea for all illnesses

In our last blog , we discussed the origin of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. We have suggested that it is undoubtedly one of the most vital nutrients to be included in daily diet. DHA has a positive effect on diseases such as hypertension, arthritis, atherosclerosis, depression, adult-onset diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction, thrombosis,…

Anemia or low hemoglobin levels

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are two billion people with anemia in the world and half of the anemia is due to iron deficiency . In India, anemia is a major public health issue. This deficiency has far-reaching effects on the country’s health as well as economy