10 diet changes to overcome gastric problems

Diet changes to overcome gastric problems

Most Indians suffer from gastric problems due to faulty eating habits and lifestyle patterns. They tend to overeat and consider antacid as a quick solution to the uneasiness following a heavy fatty meal. Continue reading “10 diet changes to overcome gastric problems”

How to prevent Heart diseases


The best prevention against heart diseases is to understand the risk and the treatment options. Understanding how to reduce or control the modifiable risks goes a long way in prevention and control of heart diseases.

Dr. MSS Mukharjee, Founder & Director, Pulse Heart Center talks to eKincare about the prevention of heart diseases.

World Health day – Beat Diabetes

FB-CoverThis WORLD HEALTH DAY the WHO theme is “Beat Diabetes”. As per recent study India has the second largest number of people suffering from diabetes and may soon earn the ignominy of being the World’s capital.

We at eKincare did some data crunching to study the awareness and the trends of diabetes within our users.  Continue reading “World Health day – Beat Diabetes”

How to Detox?

In continuation to our last blog, where we saw what toxins are and how they affect us. This time we explore some popular forms of Detox.

Detoxification does not have to be extreme to be effective. Given that most people have a lifetime’s accumulation of toxins stored in the body, a gentler approach is often a safer choice.

– Dr. Pooja, Senior Nutritionist @ eKincare.com

Continue reading “How to Detox?”