Self monitoring of blood glucose or SMBG refers to home blood glucose testing for people with diabetes.

-Self-monitoring of blood glucose provides information regarding an individual’s dynamic blood glucose profile. This information can help with the appropriate scheduling of food, activity, and medication. It is also required for understanding of the timing of blood glucose variations

There are a number of benefits of home blood glucose testing:

  • Helps to determine which foods or diet are best for one’s blood sugar control.
  • Helps in informing the patient and doctor about how well the medication regime is working.
  • Reduces anxiety about, and increases understanding of, hypoglycaemia.
  • It is important for undertaking serious tasks which could be influenced by high or low blood sugar such as driving.

There are several necessary steps to assure accurate data from Self-monitoring of blood glucose.

using the glucometer for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose- The instructions must be read and followed thoroughly as missing out on them may affect the results. Proper use of the strips and general procedures for meter handling must be understood appropriately in order to obtain useful data.

-Some practical tips to make the self-monitoring of blood glucose easy and effective

  1. Make sure that the area to be pricked is cleaned with soap and water thoroughly.
  2. Use a new lancet for each blood glucose check.
  3. Store the testing strips as advised (in moisture and heat free environment)
  4. Alternate the fingers instead of repeatedly using the same finger.
  5. To minimize pain from forceful squeezing of the fingertip to get a sufficient blood sample, start squeezing the palm and push the blood progressively into the fingertip.

6.Make sure to note down all the readings in a systematic way-with date, time, relationship with meal, exercise etc. and take the log to the doctor, so that necessary steps can be taken by your doctor to help you to control your blood sugar levels after going through the reading.

-Dr. Afroze