Preventive measures for women’s health

Preventive measures for women's health

As we grower older, our body needs to be cared better as the chances of health issues are much greater. Especially for women, as time passes, they need to pay more attention to their well being because several changes are taking place in their bodies about which they need to be aware of.  Continue reading “Preventive measures for women’s health”

Toxic chemicals in food that pregnant women should avoid

When babies are exposed to numerous toxic compounds in the womb, it can damage the body and affect development, brain function, and reproduction.These chemicals can also impair the immune system and increase vulnerability to carcinogens and can lead to other diseases later in life. Eliminating these harmful substances can give your baby the best chance at a happy, healthy life. Continue reading “Toxic chemicals in food that pregnant women should avoid”

13 risk factors of Breast cancer

Over last ten years or so, breast cancer has been rising steadily and for the first time breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India, way ahead of cervical cancer. Both the incidence, as well as deaths due to breast cancer are more than cervical cancer.

-Dr. Pooja, Senior Nutritionist

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